Obama preserving the monopoly that Wall St. has over leverage

August 4, 2009

Its still astonishing that people would rather spend a ton of money to hire people to pour cement than utilizing that money to invest in human capital in an important industry like health care. 2 trillion dollars folks. You can buy out all the best doctors and medical professors with 2 trillion dollars. For all the talk about public/private vehicles to invest in financial ‘toxic assets”, there is no talk at all about a public/private investment in medical schools, practices or anything else. Instead of fronting a few hundred billion dollars to private equity so that they can leverage up their financial returns, why not provide the same cheap financing to anyone or any group that aspires to start a medical school or practice? In exchange for this cheap and non-recourse leverage and a fraction of the equity, the potential practitioner or the medical school den can equally leverage up the returns from the expanded scale of operations and would naturally demand less in return for tuition or other expensive to meet the desired returns. Sadly, our current financial genius in the administration and elsewhere are not capable of conjuring up a plan as simple as this.